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    ------RSA Rules------- Empty ------RSA Rules-------

    Post  [●RSA●]Ch0n on Wed Sep 09, 2009 9:14 pm

    who would like to belong to this family will have to follow this
    instruction so that we could keep a good harmony between all the
    members and do not bring about problems to the clan.
    Everyone who wants to enter the clan must make a presentation it does
    not matter the level of the player the only requirement is to behave

    2. Multiclan players are not allowed

    3. Every new member or guest must make a presentation and could never use th tag RSA until is finally accepted

    4. As long as the member is finally accepted is a requirement to be active in the forums

    If the member is finally accepted he should always respect other
    members and never disrespect any of the others member otherwise he will
    be banned

    Always be respectfull to other clans member

    7. Never use cheats on ESO or Hamachi, if he does so inmediately banned

    Respect what the majority in the clan decides, if not agreed with the
    decision he will have to choose if continue in the clan or look for
    All this rules must be followed if not the member which does not will be banned.

    Traduction by Alan

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